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Deck Repair

Deck Repair

There’s nothing better than spending some time outdoors sitting on your deck. A clean and well-maintained deck will give you years of service, but you’ll often find that the weather and other factors will reduce its life.

As well as wear and tear, accidents can happen, which means that homeowners are often in need of deck repair but don’t know where to turn. Chiko’s Handyman offer deck repair services to get your deck looking as good as new.

Why Deck Repair is Important

Keeping your deck in good order not only means that it looks great all year round and remains a perfect place to entertain guests, but also helps to protect it from further damage. Cracks and holes in your deck can allow water to get in – this can cause rot in wooden decks, but even decks made from other materials can be damaged by water ingress.

With water within the structure of the deck, any drastic change in the temperature can cause the water to expand. Both heat and cold will affect the physical size of the water which can lead to splitting, large cracks, and even snapping.

Preventative maintenance will help to keep this from happening, but if you notice a problem with your deck, it is vital that you get it repaired quickly.

Deck Repair in Washington, DC

We provide deck repair to multiple areas in and around Washington DC, including Redland and North Bethesda in Maryland and Fairfax and Arlington in Virginia. We are happy to work on your deck to get it back to its best and will advise you in the worst cases of the best way to replace your deck.

Get Your Deck Repair Completed Quickly

The friendly and professional team at Chiko’s Handyman are waiting to hear from you and are fully prepared to get your deck into great condition. We’re happy to work on wooden decks or composite decks, and we’re expert painters too – if your wooden deck needs recoating, we’re sure we can help.

Let us help you to get your deck repair underway by contacting us today via the contact form on this website or by giving us a call at (202) 701 1428.

Our team will be able to let you know what we can do for your deck and we’ll be able to give you an estimate of the cost. We’re looking forward to working on your deck so you can enjoy it for many years to come.